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Organize the society and liberate Kurdistan with the revolutionary spirit of the people

16 August, 2020

The third Congress of KODAR was successfully held on seventh, eighth, and ninth of May 2020 with the slogan “Organize the society with the revolutionary spirit of the people and liberate Kurdistan.” KODAR Congress was held in the mountains of Kurdistan, celebrating the Kurdish people’s struggles and the status of the martyrs of Freedom, especially our pioneer martyrs, Argesh Karzan, Tolhelldan Sine, Rojhat Bokan, Dilovan Sardasht and Iqbal Moradi.  The three days Congress continued with the participation of members and representatives of KODAR institutions and committees. Congress began by examining…

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Kodar (Democratic and Free Society of Eastern Kurdistan) is a social confederative system based on the right of self-determination of peoples, freedom of women and environmentally friendly life. Kodar is a non-state system and organizes the societies on the socio-political, cultural and democratic basis.