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Canada Conceals Provision of Military Resources Under Arms Deal With Saudi Arabia

12 July, 2016

The deal between Canada and Saudi Arabia on supplies of Light Armored Vehicles (LAV) was prepared and signed in 2013-2014 fiscal year. It is worth some $15 billion and is said to be the largest arms contract in Canada's history. Last year, the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) brokered a deal for LAVs to be manufactured by General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) based in the United States to be purchased by Saudi Arabia.   "GDLS-C requires the use of a suitable Canadian Forces Base… [as well as] support, staff coordination, administrative and logistics assistance," a memo prepared for Minister of International Trade Chrystia Freeland and obtained…

Partnership between Turkish Intelegence service and Parastin of KDP Iraq

8 July, 2016

  JOINT TRAINING CAMPS Special warfare units are trained in camps jointly established in South Kurdistan by the MIT and Parastin. The camps in Kuştepe near Hewlêr and Zawita in Duhok are the main examples of these camps. In Kuştepe camp, units receive training on sabotage, assassination, abduction, interrogation and enemy tracking. MIT members carry out the training, which mainly aim the abduction of Kurdish Freedom Movement’s members and sympathizers. Similarly, ending the alliance of PUK and Gorran is one of the main objectives of the camps. The Zawita Camp, on the…

Barzani Regional Government KRG, Human Trafficking Scandal.

3 July, 2016

efugees and IDPs face heightened risk of trafficking due to their economic and social vulnerability. In 2015, NGOs reported trafficking networks in the IKR targeted refugees and IDPs, operating with assistance from local officials, including judges, individuals from the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Asayish internal security forces, and border agents. Likewise, various individuals, including security and law enforcement officials, criminal gangs, taxicab drivers, and the victims’ family members, exploited women and girls from Iraq and Syria, including refugees and IDPs, in sex trafficking. In the IKR, members of Parliament and…

The KODAR leadership council: We are Demanding a Democratic-Nation instead of a Nation-State

26 June, 2016

  Why is the democratic-nation preferable to the nation-state? What is the meaning of Democratic-Nation? How seriously have the problems of different nations been worked out in Iran? What is the importance of regional changes and Kurdish actions to the changes and their effect on the Kurds’ situation in Iran? These topics are covered by Fuad Beritan, a member of the Leadership Council of the “Free and Democratic Society of Eastern Kurdistan,” KODAR, for Firat News Agency. Translated by Rojhelat info and Kurdish Question.   – When the time comes to…

‏Beginning of the ends Latin America’s longest war and the emergence of a generation of Colombians for Peace.

24 June, 2016

‏ Comrades and fighters of Colombia (FARC), we, as Kurdistan Free Life Party appreciate all the struggles and revolutionary activities you did and after 52 years of continuous fighting signed a peace deal with the government. We wish that the revolutionary action of your party guarantees the human rights of civil, political, members and citizens and internationally will be recognized so that the future generation of your people will leave as pease generation. Once again, on behalf of the members and our people in Kurdistan we cherish the peace.  …

Another scandal of KDP (Iraq) According to the UN Human Right Department for the Crimes against Yazidis Kurd in Sinjar (Shingal).

17 June, 2016

  On Wednesday 15th June 2016, The Human Right department of UN published the 41 pages of report about ethnic cleansing of Yazidis Kurd by ISIS . The report contains a lots of information about how, when and why this atrocity was done by ISIS  against Yazidis and beside of ISIS who else we can or should be blamed of ?   Although the UN called the action of ISIS as a Genocide and Crimes against Humanity ,But there is a Crystal clear evidence on the report that ISIS was…

To the Public opinion

14 June, 2016

To the Public opinion    According to the regional resources in the past few days, in the region of Sardasht city in East kurdistan a military conflict had been reported,so far that any detailed information about this is unknown, it should be noted that our contact with a team of four Gerilla in this region has been disconnected, we are gathering detailed information and any changes will be announced in this regard.   The Media Press Center of East Kurdistan Defence Units. YRK (East Kurdistan Defence Units)

KJAR calls on all women’s rights organizations to join together and struggle against women’s oppression

26 October, 2015

The brutal execution – Şehîd Ekîn Wan Turkey’s message to the world was: We are fighting terrorists, we must knock out the IS, but the plan from the begining was fighting against the IS then turn against the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party). The attacks against IS was an excuse to attack the PKK, since 1th of August, several fighter planes from Incirlik Air Base of Amed (Diyarbakir) took off towards South Kurdistan, Qandil Mountains and the northern Kurdistan, against several civilian towns and villages. Dozens are seriously injured and the death toll rising…

Sakine, a life dedicated to Kurdistan and women’s freedom

26 October, 2015

ANF / ÖZGÜR DEVRİM / DİCLE ARYA — BEHDINAN It is the second anniversary of the murder of Sakine Cansız (Sara) a founder member of the PKK and the Women’s Freedom Movement. Sakine Cansız was known for her part in the party’s legendary prison struggle and represented the spirit of women’s international solidarity in the 21st century.   She established the identity of the Kurdish Freedom Movement Sakine Cansız was one of the sources of the strength, morale and motivation of the Kurdish Freedom Movement. Sakine Cansız’s 40 years of…

Statement by Council of Free Life Party of Kurdistan ( PJAK )

26 October, 2015

Statement by Council of Free Life Party of Kurdistan ( PJAK ) about international conspiracy of October 09/1998 against the Kurdish Nation Leader ABDULLAH OJALAN ( APO ) International conspiracy of October 9, 1998 was against the Kurdish people that were done on Leader APO. We condemn all the power and politics of the countries that were involved and behind in the planning and implementation of this conspiracy, again. We cherish the memory of all martyrs of freedom in order to thwart the conspiracy. Involvement of world powers The Turkish…

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