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Kurds Blame Syrian Regime for Facilitating ISIS Attacks in Qamishli

28 July, 2016

Ciwan Ibrahim, the head of the Kurdish security police known as Asayish in Kurdish, blamed in a statement on Wednesday the Baath-regime and ISIS for the death and injury of dozens of civilians in Qamishli city, northeastern Syria.  Dr. Nasir Haji Mansour, an official in the ranks of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), said that at least 50 civilians were killed in an attack near the security police building in the Gharbi neighborhood of Qamishli. “Most of them were civilians, since the Asayish members had meetings and were not in the…

The Constitution of the Rojava Cantons

25 July, 2016

  Preamble We, the people of the Democratic Autonomous Regions of Afrin, Jazira and Kobane, a confederation of Kurds, Arabs, Syrics, Arameans, Turkmen, Armenians and Chechens, freely and solemnly declare and establish this Charter. In pursuit of freedom, justice, dignity and democracy and led by principles of equality and environmental sustainability, the Charter proclaims a new social contract, based upon mutual and peaceful coexistence and understanding between all strands of society. It protects fundamental human rights and liberties and reaffirms the peoples’ right to self-determination. Under the Charter, we, the…

FARC fighters to join YPG’s struggle against ISIS gangs in Rojava

24 July, 2016

FARC Commander Alexandra Narino stated that FARC’s armed forces have been fighting against the Colombian Army for the last 50 years and now want to fight side by side with YPG forces against ISIS gangs. in Rojava. Commander Narino said the FARC’s negotiations with the Cuban government maintain to help FARC fighters to come to Rojava.

Al Qaeda in Iran

23 July, 2016

That group of ignoramuses apparently includes the Obama administration's top official on terror financing. Adam J. Szubin, the Treasury Department's acting undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, this week designated three senior al Qaeda officials operating in Iran. A statement explaining the designations says Treasury "took action to disrupt the operations, fundraising, and support networks that help al-Qaida move money and operatives from South Asia and across the Middle East by imposing sanctions on three al-Qaida senior members located in Iran." One of the three operatives is part of a…

Unsigned threat letter to Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan in İmralı

23 July, 2016

Çetin Arkaş is staying in Silivri Type L Prison Number 9 right now. His article, translated by ANF English service, mentions the following points: "Galip Ensarioğlu and Abdulkadir Selvi speak regularly about İmralı. It’s not hard to see they have been briefed by some authority when you look at the speeches of these two. Ensarioğlu says the solution process is not over. What a “solution process”, with cities and districts torn down, racist discourse takes over, top levels of politics push the racist discourse and try to poison the whole…

Man, who left behind his daughter in ISIS area, arrested

23 July, 2016

Manbij People's Assembly stated that they were informed that the mentioned man left bedind her daughter in ISIS area when fleeing from Manbij city center and his daughter was executed. Every day we come across true life experiences which reveal why the operation to liberate Manbij and "The operation of Commander Martyr Faysal Ebû Leyla" that began on June, are important. Because there are many events that reveal the black face and inhuman treatment of ISIS gangs. One of these took place in Kale Necim region. According to report, man,…

The architects of Revolution tell 4 years of Rojava

19 July, 2016

Kurdish people those who live in Syria, show the largest resistance of history even if they had to live under pressure of Baath regime for years. Kurdish people in Rojava are intent on forming their own system against all pressures. They began to rebuild work on the basis of democratic autonomy in July 19, 2012. Kurdish people in Rojava have taken their work by the throat while fighting for humanity. Meanwhile, women have institutionalized in many cities by forming asayish, public councils, cooperatives, women's foundations, women's communes, women's organizations, courts,…

KCK statement on the coup attempt in Turkey

17 July, 2016

The statement said; “There has been a coup attempt by persons whose identity and purpose is yet not clear. It grabs attention that this attempt comes at a time when Tayyip Erdoğan will reportedly assign generals close to himself during the military council meeting set to take place soon. The fact that this coup attempt has been made in a process that witnesses discussions on the fascist AKP government's foreign policy, is another dimension of this coup.” COUP ATTEMPT IS PROOF OF LACK OF DEMOCRACY The statement by KCK reads;…

Spying on Qandil Mountains

13 July, 2016

Some of the counter-guerilla gangs of the Turkish Intelligence Agency (MİT) and Parastin (KDP’S intelligence agency) in South Kurdistan have been exposed. According to Lekolin.org website, the ID and location information of 9 counter-guerilla gang units working for the Turkish Intelligence Agency (MİT) and Parastin (KDP’S intelligence agency) in Duhok, Hewlêr and Sulaymaniyah have been exposed. Network of MIT and parastin affiliated Counter-Guerilla gangs News of Parastin and MİT’s training of counter-guerilla gangs on intelligence gathering, sabotage, assassination, abduction, interrogation and execution tactics in Hewlêr’s Kuştepe and Duhok’s Zawita regions…

This is Nusaybin a city of North Kurdistan (Turkey)

12 July, 2016

Pictures from today (12.7.2016) showing the aftermath of 82 days of Turkish military ops on the Kurdish town of Nusaybin (adjacent to the Rojava border). The town is in its 121st day of 24/7 curfew. Hundreds of meters of wire mesh fencing have been erected in the neighborhoods, to fence off the areas of destruction which will most likely be demolished to hide evidence of war crimes, as was done in Cizre and Sur. Numerous police/military checkpoints have also been established in various locations around the neighborhoods, with a large…

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