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Kurdish Journalist Abducted, Killed Threatened by Security Forces Over His Reporting

25 August, 2016

The KRG should provide serious answers about how it came to be that this journalist was kidnapped and killed in broad daylight, following repeated interrogations by Asayish forces. He is one of dozens of journalists in KRG territory who have been killed, beaten, detained, or harassed. Sarah Leah Whitson Middle East director at Human Rights Watch Witnesses described his apparent kidnapping by unknown assailants, who claimed to be Kurdish security forces, following repeated interrogations by the KRG’s Asayish political police forces over the past 12 months about his writings critical…

Turkey sent deputy intel chief to Damascus, reports

22 August, 2016

The alleged visit by the Turkish intelligence official to Damascus came a day after Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım gave warm messages acknowledging a role for Syrian President Bashar Assad during a transitional period in Syria. Speaking to media representatives in İstanbul on Saturday, Yıldırım said Turkey expects to become a more active partner in regional efforts involving war-torn Syria and is willing to accept Syrian President Assad only in a transitional role. “Could Syria carry Assad in the long term?” Yıldırım said. “Certainly not.” Turkey, which has not sent an…

Sharam Ahmadi’s final say before execution

8 August, 2016

Shahram Ahmadi was executed with more than 20 young political prisoners in Gohardasht (Rajai-Shahr) Prison in Karaj, north-west of Tehran. During an interview before his execution, Shahram Ahmadi said: "Judge Moqiseh said to me that I have committed three crimes: being a Kurd, being Sunni and working against the regime. Each of these three crimes carries the death sentence." Shahram Ahmadi added: "Here is Hall 10 of Ward 4 of Rajai-Shahr Prison, 40 inmates of this ward are sentenced to execution. They threaten us repeatedly not to take part in…

Amnesty International

3 August, 2016

  The organization, which has been carrying out extensive research into the situation of juvenile offenders on death row in Iran, found that Hassan Afshar, 19, was hanged in Arak’s Prison in Markazi Province on 18 July, after being convicted of “lavat-e be onf” (forced male to male anal intercourse) in early 2015. The execution went ahead even though the Office of the Head of the Judiciary had promised his family that they would review the case on 15 September 2016. “Iran has proved that its sickening enthusiasm for putting…

He is waiting a trial and need your help !

3 August, 2016

He is waiting a trial But, please find him a 1-Judge 2-Lawyer 3-Attorney General . The Crime is Genocide against his Nation including him, the location of Crime is Sinjar (Shingal) Kurdistan, Middle East Area, time of crime August 03 / 2014 . If any Judge or Lawyer and Attorney General wants to be involved in this case please contact us, we will make every effort to help you to gather the necessary info which is very crucial for the Court, Becouse with out this we would not be able…

Pope Francis: Capitalism is ‘Terrorism Against All of Humanity’

2 August, 2016

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the  author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the position of www.kodar.info       Pope Francis surprised reporters on a flight from Krakow to the Vatican late Sunday when he blamed the "god of money" for extremist violence in Europe and the Middle East, saying that a ruthless global economy leads disenfranchised people to violence. "Terrorism grows when there is no other option, and as long as the world economy has at its center the god of money…

Scottish MP calls for more support for Rojava Kurds after Qamishli bombing

1 August, 2016

  “The dangerous circumstances these people continue to face on a daily basis cannot be underestimated nor can their sacrifices in fighting Daesh [ISIS] on the frontlines,” she wrote in a letter to the UK FM. The UK MP, who visited the city of Qamishli [Qamishlo in Kurdish] in the fall of 2015, praised the bravery of Kurdish women and men fighting ISIS. In the past, she visited the cemetery for Kurdish fighters killed in the war against ISIS, and spoke at a summit of leftist activists in Derik city…

Rejection of Kurdish Question Resolution Process Led to Turkey Coup: KCK Co Leader Bayık

29 July, 2016

There were peace talks between the Turkish state and the Kurdish movement for three years. Yet, a war concept was initiated on 24 July 2015. What were the conditions and reasons that led the process to that point? Global powers tried to weaken the PKK through the international conspiracy (kidnapping) against our leader Öcalan in 1999, but their attempt failed. The freedom movement led by our leader then began to influence all the peoples of the Middle East, which changed the balance of power in the region. Also, the end of the Cold…

Bail Denial for Kurdish Journalist Accused of Being PKK Indicts Anti-Democratic Laws

29 July, 2016

We were there to hear the magistrate deliver her decision on Lelikan's bail application. Once again the public gallery was full. Our mood was sombre and wary. It lifted a little when we saw Lelikan appear on the video-link from Silverwater Prison where he has been kept in a high security unit since his arrest on July 20. Lelikan was again dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit and handcuffed. He raised his manacled hands, gave us a two-handed peace sign and smiled. His sister was in the public gallery and,…

The Mainstream Media Whitewashed Ross Kemp’s Explosive Anti-ISIS Documentary. Here’s the Truth

29 July, 2016

On 14 July, Ross Kemp’s latest documentary saw him praised throughout the mainstream media. But while there were precious gems to be found in the programme, both Kemp and the press really mis-sold its key message – one of a courageous fight for democracy, equality and freedom. At the end of ‘The Fight Against ISIS’, which saw Kemp travel with forces fighting on the ground against Daesh (Isis/Isil) in Syria and Iraq, the presenter praised what he called “a genuine movement for democracy, equality and tolerance”. Here, he was referring to the People’s Defence Forces (YPG) and…

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