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Organize the society and liberate Kurdistan with the revolutionary spirit of the people

16 August, 2020

The third Congress of KODAR was successfully held on seventh, eighth, and ninth of May 2020 with the slogan “Organize the society with the revolutionary spirit of the people and liberate Kurdistan.” KODAR Congress was held in the mountains of Kurdistan, celebrating the Kurdish people’s struggles and the status of the martyrs of Freedom, especially our pioneer martyrs, Argesh Karzan, Tolhelldan Sine, Rojhat Bokan, Dilovan Sardasht and Iqbal Moradi.  The three days Congress continued with the participation of members and representatives of KODAR institutions and committees. Congress began by examining…

A Kurdish leftist thinker Professor Amir Hassanpour passed away

25 June, 2017

He was totally dedicated to social justice and women's rights,he was comrade, honest and kind.   We are receiving this sad news at the time that more than ever Kurdish people under attacks of cultural and there history, he was truly said that when the big power wants to eliminate Nations, they first attacks there Culture and History and that's why he started to defend his nation by studying and understanding of Kurdish Language, culture and history.   We as a Cultural and social committee of KODAR sending our deepest…


17 May, 2017

The joint statement on behalf of the parties was read by KODAR Co-president Fuad Bêrîtan who stressed that the conservatives and reformists turned a deaf ear to the demands of the society and fought for power. The statement said the following: “The 12th Presidential and city and village assembly elections have led to various debates in Iran as Iran, the region and the world are going through a very critical period. The elections and results could result in a major change in Iran and in the policies of foreign countries…

Happy New Year from the Free and Democratic Society of East Kurdistan (KODAR)

31 December, 2016

We, from the Free and Democratic Society of East Kurdistan, would like to congratulate all Christians for the beginning of the new year, 2017 especially the Christians of Iran and Kurdistan. The birth of Jesus Christmas brought the message of peace and friendship; he advocated for freedom and justice for all, striving for the promise of equality. Christianity is based on the ideals of faith and belief in the spirit of human solidarity. It promotes a spiritual connection within humans that will awaken in society the realization of the ideal…

An interview of Joint Head for Free and Democratic Society of East Kurdistan

13 November, 2016

1- As we know a few days ago in Media Region (Qandil Mountains) the second congress was held by Democratic and Free Society of East Kurdistan ( KODAR ), what was the major changes or deference between the first and second congress ?   Answer: In fact, the answer can be from two perspective, first the paradigm that KODAR was established on it have clearly proven in Rojava ( West Kurdistan ) and it has a credits that can be relay on for answering of many political and social questions that…

Final Resolution of The Second Congress of the Free and Democratic Society of East Kurdistan (KODAR)

6 November, 2016

  KODAR started the Congress with an in-depth analysis of the Middle East and the role of Iran in the chaos that has engulfed the region. The analysis included the influence of Iran and also presented methods of overthrowing the system. The current chaos in the Middle East creates fears of a Third World War in the region. The presentation highlighted that the struggle for control by both regional and external powers caused the current issues the region faces today. These problems emphasized the need for a new political alternative…

Information about October 4/2016 Combat between YRK ( East Kurdistan Defence Forces ) and occupier forces of totalitarian regime of Iran ( IRGC Sepah Pasdaran )

11 October, 2016

  After thorough investigation in the region of ( Salas Bawejany ) Province of Kermanshah, East Kurdistan we acknowledge that the local traitors were involved actively in this massacre and the ( IRGC Sepah Pasdaran ) used a chemical weapons from the air to make this operation more easy and at the same time we believe there must be poisoning of food involved to make our comrade Guerrilla not to be in good stand for there combat against Iranian regime forces long before the operation begins, although we are still…

To the public opinion

6 October, 2016

According to the local sources in Kirmansha Province of East Kurdistan ( Salas Bawejani region ) a group of our comrade Guerrilla , YRK ( East Kurdistan Defense Units ) have been martyred by totalitarian regime of Iran forces . We will publish more details of this conflict in the near future.   Central Command of YRK ( East Kurdistan Defense Units ) October 06/2016

Foreign Relations Office of Democratic Self-Administration of Rojava

1 September, 2016

Foreign Relations Office of Democratic Self-Administration of Rojava has published a 60-pages long dossier of evidence on Turkey's support for ISIS.   Please copy a link and paste on the Adress bar.   https://www.docdroid.net/iNcGakq/isis-and-turkey-.pdf.html


25 August, 2016

Member of Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) assembly Siyamend Moînî talked about the joint attack of Assad’s regime, Iran, Turkey, Syrian oppositions and some local Kurdish forces on Hasakah province with ROJ NEWS AGENCY and explained: “After the diplomatic traffic between Iran, Turkey and regional countries, we witnessed the attack of Syrian armed forces on civilians in Hasakah. During these attacks, the Iranian armed forces (IRGC) have had a main role especially in the military field. After capturing a group of Assad’s regime forces, it was revealed that some of them…

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