The comprehensive demands of democratic and free society of Eastern Kurdistan, KODAR

6 May, 2017

While the 12th presidential election period and 5th election of city and village councils approaching, we see irregular political environment inside Iran.

With regard to the critical situation in the world politics, the Islamic Republic of Iran and its society will have a stage with magnificent sensitivity ahead.

In the road map that we published under the name “the democratic approach to the Kurdish question and making Iran as democratic road map from KODAR", we released theoretical and practical approach on the framework of the regime and the society.

With regard to the continuation of the policy of consolidating totalitarianism that since the early 1980s to date being followed by regime, we provide the most up to date with the minimum demands of the Communities and of the Nations in the context of this comprehensive plan, the criteria that can to build a check and balances and find out about regimes approach.

This comprehensive plan of action to assess the demands and political opinion for those political, cultural, and legal concerned people of society, the sense of their own presence in the election cycle. On this basis, our final position in relation to the aforementioned elections based on political parties and candidates that were involved in the process to show the following provisions:


1- Clear Announcement in order to provide prompt ـ necessary transition from the current military, security environment to the political open space.

2- Clear Announcement for talking about changing and modification of constitutional law, because we believe the key for changing current political chaos is through the constitutional law.

3- Clear Announcement for clearing extrajudicial and legal obstacles facing the activity of political parties and civic groups, in the same framework, recognition of the right to the freedom of every citizen and social group in holding gatherings and civil disobedience and demonstrations.

4- Cancel all and any, regulations, legal article notes that the legitimacy of oppression and discrimination against women.

5- Prompt commitment, dedication and presentation of specific projects for the administrative decentralization and in the field of macro-management, recognize the right of indigenous management levels of political, cultural, economic and educational.

6- The recognition of youth involvement in all administrative areas, especially in the establishment and management of institutions and organizations that dedicated to young people.

7- There is a Kurdish question of admission and enrolment and other nations in Iran optimise approach in order to remedy this issue and recognizing the indigenous governing in all corners of Iran territorial geography.

8-  The announcement of the project and take practical steps in order to "teach the most basic levels of the native language to the highest educational level for all Iranian Nations ranging from enrolment, Azeri, Arab, Turkmen, Balooch, Kurd and other cultural communities.

9- An end to all the destructive environment projects, especially the indiscriminate building of the dams.

10- Cancellations of projects and program that are not combine with the benefit of majority and the recognition of the right to manage and the production of native units by community and economic institutions that are related.

11 ـ Unconditional release of all political prisoners and the removal of the inhuman death penalty.

At the end, we remind that Kurdish people and other nations in Iran being always in demand of their rights and will not surrender for less, So if regime comes to the conclusion of making clear and free environment to practice the most basic human right which is free election then we can be optimistic to changing the country toward democratization otherwise we will continue our struggle and Freedom approach and will use current environment in benefit of our people.


The free and democratic society of East Kurdistan (KODAR)

May 06 2017

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Kodar (Democratic and Free Society of Eastern Kurdistan) is a social confederative system based on the right of self-determination of peoples, freedom of women and environmentally friendly life. Kodar is a non-state system and organizes the societies on the socio-political, cultural and democratic basis.