Happy New Year from the Free and Democratic Society of East Kurdistan (KODAR)

31 December, 2016

We, from the Free and Democratic Society of East Kurdistan, would like to congratulate all Christians for the beginning of the new year, 2017 especially the Christians of Iran and Kurdistan. The birth of Jesus Christmas brought the message of peace and friendship; he advocated for freedom and justice for all, striving for the promise of equality. Christianity is based on the ideals of faith and belief in the spirit of human solidarity. It promotes a spiritual connection within humans that will awaken in society the realization of the ideal world.

A society that promotes the subjugation of any community within its jurisdiction is one that is constantly in conflict with itself. In this manner, it can be said that Christianity is at the forefront of the struggle against the domination and oppression of all peoples. Jesus Christ's birth brought the message of the Holy Gospel, it spoke to the heart of all peoples and ignited the human quest for true liberation. The b8rth if the ideal society where all people live in harmony and equality is the Mission that Jesus passed down to all his followers.

Thus it falls on all of us to maintain the message of hope and not deviate from the true essence of Jesus Christ's message. We can do this by way of solidarity and by insuring the coexistence of different religions, beliefs and nations together. In addition, the turning of the new year is a time of hope and of rebirth where the cycle begins anew. It is a reminder to all people's to not stray from the path of righteousness but above, all to seek equality and happiness with all parts of society. 

The Free and Democratic Society of East Kurdistan congratulates all Christians on the birth of Jesus Christ and wishes everyone a happy new year. KODAR wishes not only all Christians but all peoples a happy, peaceful and blissful 2017. A year that is free from war and filled with hope and prosperity. 

The Committee of Religions and Ideas – The Free and Democratic Society of East Kurdistan 1/1/2017.

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