Foad Beritan a member of the Leadership Council KODAR

30 June, 2016
It is clear that political life and doing politics in the Middle East today is not possible as same as before. Changes imposed on anyone. It is true that the war and profound conflict that swept across the Middle East can be called World War III.
The center of the war was Arabian country,But the recent Rojava and South Kurdistan events expressly acknowledged that the war in Kurdish regions would make the fate of all the Nations especially Kurds who lives in that part of the world and the fate of the totalitarian regime and all of the colonists (USA, UK, EU),So changes can be very influential on regional developments.
The power of Kurdish people especially in Rojava and in the South region of Kurdistan created golden opportunity.The opportunity and the chance were made by people's struggle,Not by influence of others nor has been given a gift. So when the critical situation of the area comes, it is necessary that both opportunities and threats for enrollment in people's comments.
Before anything, it is necessary that Kurds create a strategy base on the democratic values and By this strategy, develop democracy and being democratic,standoff and deny the colonization and genocide and protect them self.These tips can be used such as a precondition for enrolment by the people to be able to protect identity and values, culture and language, as well as to find democratic policy that would lead them to free life.
Today in the Middle East, there is three front line or con-mentality is strife and conflicts. The first mentality is representatives of capitalist civilization or modernity are universal forces such as capitalism in the world like the US and European Governments, which they are pioneers of this line of thought.The second mentality are the system of Nations states, conservative like Iran,Turkey and Syria along the Arab countries are the main representatives of this variety. In front of both of these are the democratic thinking of the people in the Middle East, which today represented by Kurds. Although it is likely that this war and conflicts in the Middle East will be prolonged and more than ten years to last,but the future of the Middle East winning by that force.That's why everyone wants to win, because the field will lose and will lost. The system of the State-nation cannot be the solution to exit the crisis, even it can be explicitly acknowledged that the origin of all the problems in the Middle East is same mentality of State-nation system.
Iran and East Kurdistan :
No doubt the crisis in the Middle East comes to any results, Iranian situation will be effected and they cannot stay out of these developments. So the importance of the role of the Kurds in the region and especially in the East of Kurdistan will be more prominent than before. The Iranian Government has decided to try to attract Kurdish people to their side of.
The Iranian Government wants the Kurdish along the side and same time does not solving the problem and giving rights of the people. The remarkable thing is that Iran's opponents are also the have the same attitude towards Kurds and they also do not want that the kurds called as a nation. Because of that kind of attitude toward Kurds they can not and should not accept this otherwise it would be a political suicide.
In such a situation the Kurds in Eastern Kurdistan can not and should not be a victim of the war. They are out of the both front line .There Enrollment outside of both the line will take them to third line which is democratic confederation .It is necessary that they are not involve in religious wars nor the war of the regimes around them.Therefore, it is especially in the East of Kurdistan should call for the  Democratic Confederation along the other nations of Iran to achieve freedom, democracy and justice.
Any of those two forces wants to have Kurds to there side in the struggle to and conflicts to make power balance. The reason for this is very clear because the Kurds have enormous power to change the outcomes of war and anyone can be winner of the war if they have Kurds on there side,but Kurds should know they should not to take any side of regimes or colonialist. Kurds must chose free life and independent thoughts. Kurdish people's in east Kurdistan should circle around democratic solution and policy of independent. They must not wait for the regime of Iran to make changes on the policy but rather to make there policy of their owns which is democracy and democratic community and all of those will be archived by relentlessly struggles.
Kurds in east Kurdistan (IRAN) should not to believe promise that was made by regime and must not wait for the solution of problems by Government, because it's the government that made those problems and injustice therefore they must continue to there campaign of freedom.