Fuad Beritan: Democratic Confederalism, the suitable solution for issues of Iran

23 October, 2015

Along with establishing a new system in Iran and solution of issues of nations and advancing Democratic Confederation system, an interview has been released in the Persian section of Firat News Agency from Fuad Beritan the member of Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) coordination.

In addition to the recent discussions on establishing a new system in Iran Fuad Beritan said: “The only way for solving the issues of nations, is the advancement of Democratic Confederalism system”. In Iran the struggle for transformation is continuing and during these struggles PJAK is attempting to put the social involvement as base of their work, against interferes of tyrannize.”

Beritan added if democratic nation would be the spirit of the society, Democratic Confederalism also would be the body of it and in continuing of his evaluation he added:

Nowadays in Iran there is discussion going on with regard to establishing a new system for it’s nations. The topic that raised more than any other topic is the citizenship issue, but the question here is: to what extend the evaluations and analysis that take place under the name of citizenship are profound? Up to what extend they represent the realitise? Before anything, those mentalities that discuss about these topics, still were not able to rescue themselves from the government loyalism and hegemony mentality. The Charter of Citizen Rights that has been announced by the Rouhani’s government, does not represent the realitise of society. Even among the nations of Iran it creates discrimination. Phrases like “Civil and Uncivil nations” have been propounded by them. They classified nations to those nations that could become citizen and those that can’t become citizen. The fundamental rights of nations has not been recognized in the constitution law.

Therefore earlier we as PJAK have announced that the only way to solve the issues of nations within Iran is the advancement of Democratic Confederalism system. This system does not take root from the government and restitution, because it is rooting from the values and participating of all nations, it is self-manage and democratic. Democratic Autonomy system is suitable for Kurds and other nations of Iran. It is a system that puts a democratic management as its base and no one will stay out of the organizing. This system brought a new paradigm for a new society to get organized.

­­fighting for transformation inside Iran is continuing

Nowadays social-political organization will be a necessity with the current situation of Kurdish, Baluch, Arab and other nations in Iran. At the moment struggle for changing the system is continuing. PJAK also by actualizing the Confederalism of Democratic Societies system and advancement of Democratic Autonomy system for Kurds in the region wants to prioritize the role of society, against the interferes of tyrannize.PJAK aim is Creating mentalty of democratic nation.

Democratic nation is the spirit of the society

The Iranian government with its “nation-state” mentality cannot bridle the propounding of freedom demands of other nations. This regime by forcing people to serve the domineering system try to assimilate the nations and the only way to avoid that is realization of democratic nation. The merely solution against this situation is democratic nationes fulfillment . Therefore it has been proved that the spirit of the society is democratic nation. The society that its spirit is democratic nation, the democratic confederalism or in other words democratic autonomy would be its body.

In these days the Kurdish nation in their struggles, day by day they take more steps towards freedom. For achieving victory also there is a need for organizing. In the broad frame democratic confederalism and within Kurds also democratic autonomy is the base of works. Both formulas for solving the issues of society are inevitable. Societies by replying on these solutions are able to renew their structures. We are trying to ground the democratic autonomy system based on their spirit. We can say that democratic confederalism and democratic autonomy of Kurdistan are not limited to Kurds only but it contains everyone who cares about demands of nationes. The important matter here is, achievement of communal and democratic existence.


Source: Firat News Agency
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